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Hiking in the Time of COVID

The Caledonia Ramblers now have hikes scheduled for the next few months but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are some restrictions in place.

You must be a club member to participate

No two free trips for newcomers for the time being. As such, the schedule is available only through the Weekly Ramblings Newsletter, emailed to members every Tuesday evening, and is not being posted on the club's website. Learn how to become a member.

Each hike is limited to twelve people

Those interested on going on a hike must contact the trip leader in advance by phone or email. If more than twelve show interest, we’ll try to arrange a second hike for the same day and possibly the same location but at a different starting time. Reserving a spot works on a first-contact, first-serve basis by contacting the trip leader. The trip leader reserves the right to give preference to members who have not been on previous hikes.

No carpooling

Since carpooling has been suspended, there is no carpooling fee for the hikes. Only family members or partners are permitted to share a vehicle to get to a hike. No more than six vehicles are allowed per hike.

Always practice social distancing

Participants must practice physical distancing of at least two metres (i.e. two hike poles length) apart while meeting before the hike for the drive out, during the hike, and when they have stopped for lunch.

Not sharing is caring

Everyone will need to refrain from sharing food, drinks, insect repellent, clothing, equipment and so forth. Members who feel more secure wearing masks and/or gloves during hikes are encouraged to do so.

Minors on hikes

Children are allowed to go on the hikes but they must stay close to their parents or guardians during the hike.

Feeling ill?

Please stay home.

No insurance coverage for Covid-19

Please note that the insurance coverage the Ramblers receives through the B.C. Federation of Mountain Clubs does not cover COVID-19 in any way. If you go on a club hike and bring the virus with you and give it to others, it gives the others and you no protection.  Similarly, if you get the virus on a Club hike or any other Club activity, the insurance provides no protection. It's all the more reason to remain a bit cautious.

Be properly equipped

As per usual, participants are also advised to be equipped with proper footwear as well as a daypack carrying extra food, drink and clothing - including raingear - as well as insect repellant. Hiking poles and bear spray may also be helpful. For further tips on how to be properly prepared for a hike with the Ramblers, please the equipment section of the website.