Caledonia Ramblers Trail Guides

Are you interested in all the hiking opportunities in and around Prince George? Then you must pick up a copy of Volumes 1 and 2 of the Caledonia Ramblers trail guides. They contain complete descriptions of over 50 trails, along with directions to the trail head and trail ratings.

Smokey Skies in the Prince George Region

There are five wildfires of note in the Prince George region including the Chutanli Lake fire west of Quesnel, the Purvis Lake fire 20km east of Takla Lake, North of Tezzeron Lake fire 106 km northwest of Vanderhoof, South of Long Lake fire 10km west of Tatuk Lake, and the Dave Henry Drainage fire 10km east of Valemount.

Thank You Note to the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC

The Caledonia Ramblers would like to thank the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC's Grant Committee for awarding the Ramblers $440.00 through the FMCBC's Member Club Grant program. The Ramblers applied for a grant through the program this year to help the club subsidize the cost of a potential Avalanche Skills Training (AST1) course for eight of its members, which it plans to organize sometime this winter.