Tuesday May 13, 2014

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Are you looking for the most current information about our local trails?   Then look no further then the Caledonia Ramblers Trail Guide!  It is the most current trail guide for the trails around Prince George, and we update it regularly.  We know what the current access of the trails is like, and other important information as we hike up the trails frequently.   And the best part is if you buy one of our trail guides (or both), you are supporting maintenance of our trails.  Our club spends a good deal of the Summer working on the trails so that they are easily accessible to all hikers, club members or not.  You might even be lucky to spot some of our members cleaning a trail that you are hiking on.  Without the help of the volunteer trail workers, there would be no trail!

If you are interested in all the hiking opportunities in and around Prince George, then you must pick up a copy of these two trail guides. They contain complete descriptions of over 50 trails, along with directions and trail ratings.

These guides are available from:

Books & Company Spruceland News
Tourism PG UNBC Bookstore
McBride Tourism Info Centre Valemount Tourism Info Centre
The Wild Life CNC Bookstore
Valemont Museum and Archives

Or order by emailing: caledoniaramblers@yahoo.ca

Wednesday July 23, 2014

STK_0420This will be a moderate level backpacking trip so most should be able to do it.  The plan is to leave PG Saturday morning, hike up to the camp site, set up camp then do an afternoon hike to the ridges above.  Sunday morning we would dismantle camp then likely hike to the top of Fang Mountain before heading home.

It is a 2-2.5 hr drive via the Upper Fraser road and the Pass Lake Forest Road to the Torpy Trail head.   It will likely take 2.5 hrs to hike up to our camp…..the first hour is mostly up an old logging road which is a bit overgrown in places.   Then it is about an hour up through forest to the subalpine and a further half hour to our campsite beside a small lake.   It is a lovely campsite and room for many tents.   Flowers should still be great and, with a little luck, we may see some caribou.

Anyone interested, do give me a call.   I will arrange vehicles so that we do not need to leave any at City Hall.   SUVs, trucks or that type of vehicle will be needed.

Dave   564-8887 or kingjudi@shaw.ca

Wednesday July 23, 2014

View of Mt Robson from Torpy Mtn 2Not interested in doing an overnight hike at Torpy? Well how about a day hike instead? You get to see all the same spectacular views, and may catch a glimpse of the other group in their natural habitat. This is a moderately strenuous hike but well worth the effort. Please meet in the parking lot behind City Hall at 7 am. If you have any questions about the hike, then please contact Lyle at 250-562-8050.

Monday July 14, 2014


Mt. Murray (Pine Pass)

It may have been an early start to the day, but 19 eager hikers showed up at City Hall to enjoy the forecasted Sunny day in the Alpine.

Some of the hikers almost didn’t make it on the hike as one of the cars broke a radiator hose on the way out.  Thankfully, one car only had 2 passengers and we managed to get everyone from the broken down car to the trailhead not too far down the highway.

Monday July 14, 2014

Two Ramblers, Carolyn Ibis and Nowell Senior are featured on a Shaw Cable show called Top This.  This particular episode was about geocaching in the Forests for the World, where the club snowshoes and hikes at.  Check it out now at http://youtu.be/7fVQjfSPKUk

Monday July 14, 2014


Mount Murray (Barkerville)

Sitting in the parking lot this warm Sunday morning I was starting to think it was going to be a solo hike for me, but in the nick of time 6 more ramblers arrived , and the 7 of us were on the road in no time to rendezvous with Don in Quesnel.    Don and John met us in Quesnel and two more ramblers met us at the trail head.  For a grand total of 11!

Monday July 14, 2014

More information about the upcoming Torpy Hike will be posted next week.  It looks like there will be two trips- one a backpack in to the lake (only for members), and one a day hike.