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**IMPORTANT!**Hikers are expected to carry their own supply of first-aid items  in their pack.It is recommended each hiker should carry band-aids, pain tablets such as Tylenol or Advil, a tensor bandage (4-inch), one 4-inch gauze pad, moleskin, duct tape, a tiny emergency blanket, a short piece of strong cord, extra personal medication, and an Epipen if they think they may need anaphylaxsis treatment.*

by Carolyn for front page

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Newly updated guides are now available!

Are you looking for the most current information about our local trails?   Then look no further then the Caledonia Ramblers Trail Guide!  It is the most current trail guide for the trails around Prince George, and we update it regularly.  We know what the current access of the trails is like, and other important information as we hike up the trails frequently.   And the best part is if you buy one of our trail guides (or both), you are supporting maintenance of our trails.  Our club spends a good deal of the Summer working on the trails so that they are easily accessible to all hikers, club members or not.  You might even be lucky to spot some of our members cleaning a trail that you are hiking on.  Without the help of the volunteer trail workers, there would be no trail!

If you are interested in all the hiking opportunities in and around Prince George, then you must pick up a copy of these two trail guides. They contain complete descriptions of over 50 trails, along with directions and trail ratings.


These guides are available from:

Books & Company Valemont Museum and Archives
Tourism PG UNBC Bookstore
McBride Tourism Info Centre Valemount Tourism Info Centre

Or order by emailing:

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Check out the awesome article about our recent weeklong trip to Mt. Edziza Provincial Park.  It’ll make you want to go there.


Group shot of all the participants of the recent club week-long trip.