Trip Report – Ginter’s Field

photoThe fluctuating wet and cool conditions earlier in the week did not impact the outing for 4 Ramblers around Ginter’s Field. For about 2.5 hours, we snowshoed a great route that avoided the icy patches that plagued earlier reconnaissance trips (thanks Nowell!).

Starting out near the end of Ferry Avenue off Christensen Street, we followed gentle slopes that took us by the logged areas near UNBC. Early on, Marine treated us to some chocolate to keep our energy up! Nowell also gave us a demonstration of firing bear spray which should come in handy in the Spring.

Once we got to UNBC, we made our way under the bridge, and then up and over to cross the road so we could start to descend. We didn’t snow shoe too far before coming across quite a surprise. Roughly 150 metres apart, we discovered what we anticipate to be some deer bones. The route also allowed us to explore many types of lichens, tree barks (can’t wait to see some of Amy’s pics!), and some unusual markings found on a tree (perhaps cause by a beetle?).

It was a very mild, pleasant outing. Good weather, good company, and a great guy to pick us up and transport us all back to the start (thanks Brendan!!)

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