Trip Report – January 24, 2016

2016-01-24 105533Birchleg Family Ski/Snowshoe Event, Tabor Mountain

A rebellious fraction of nine Ramblers and twelve sympathizers escorted the infant King Henry, from the wilds of the Tabor Mountain burn observation area, to the safety of the Hickory Wing boxcar, via a perilous route traveled by fire-eating mechanical beasts. Upon our arrival, we were graciously given warm food and drink, and the warmth of fire, by our Birchleg cousins. Unlike our poor Birchleg cousins, we wore “fly grade aluminum sko” upon our feet. Two of our snesko sisters, Tong and Pacé, came from opposite sides of the globe to support our cause.

After the great feast, over half our rebel forces were taken by fire-eating mechanical beasts. After receiving as a single re-enforcement, Richard the Gentle Giant, our remaining band of seven Ramblers and the two international snesko sisters sought out an ancient canyon trail that would avoid contact with the mechanical beasts. The tracks of a lone lynx led the way for us. After a nearly 14.5 km journey, we arrived back in our homelands as the sun began to set.


After such a successful campaign, we look forward to joining our Birchleg cousins in future expeditions through the great wilds of Tabor Mountain. Please watch our short one-minute photo slideshow of the 2016 Tabor Mountain Birchleg campaign.

(Photos by: Ali, Sherry, Marine, Norm and Brendan.)

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