Stolen supplies – Keep an eye out

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Please help us catch a thief who stole our trail supplies this past week!


Reposted from club member Vivien Lougheed’s post on Facebook:


“It was a sad day today !!!

On Sunday, the 24th, members of the Caledonia Ramblers hauled a truck and trailer load of lumber up the Tower road to the Caledonia trail head with the expectation of moving it further up the trail later. They had purchased this material to build another shelter and two new bridges. This material included 4 pieces of rough cut 4″x6″x16′ long timbers (hard to hide and probably 250 pounds each), 4 concrete post supports, 16 pieces of treated 2″x8″, cut to 75″ each and 2″x4″, 2″x6″, and 1″x4″ and miscellaneous smaller pieces.  This material cost our club nearly $1500.

Imagine our surprise today when they went up there to move it, to find it gone. They had stashed it out of sight but obviously, someone found it.

They have reported this to the RCMP and they have gone up there and looked at the scene and taken photos.

This road has very little usage but would everyone who might know something please email the club at We have no expectations that this material will be be found but – any little clue may help.

The material was hauled from the Hickory Wing Shelter where it was stored. While driving out on Sunday they passed the Giscome road and another vehicle pulled out from there and followed them part way up the mountain, where they pulled over to let him pass. It was a black, older model SUV. Any help would be greatly appreciated.”



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