Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Park Report – 2016

Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Park Report – November 11, 2016

Driscoll Trail

Work began in January searching for an alternate route to take the first section of the west-end Driscoll Trail around rather than through the quarry which was to be excluded from the proposed park. A new route with a trailhead a couple of kilometres or so west of the old trail head was decided on in spring. A parking area has been established, and flagging of the new route took place November 10th – Thanks to snowless conditions!

As mentioned in the Trail Manager Report the blow down work was carried out on the entire Driscoll Trail with only about half a dozen blow downs remaining on the first 2 km of the east-end of the trail after what turned out to be a 12 hour work day by 3 of our dedicated trail blazers!

Summary: 8 trips; 9 vehicles; 10 volunteers; 1880 km travelled; 240 hours; $160 of fuel for travel

Ancient Forest Entire Loop – Hazard Tree Assessment

Distant Winds Falling came out and made a hazard tree assessment in March taking out dead non-cedar hazard trees that were close to the trail, and did the work as an In Kind contribution.

Ancient Forest Trail Tread Protection Project – Phase #3

Work began on Phase #3 of the AFTTPP the first week of May and concluded the first week of October.

Thanks to donated helicopter time, 17 of the 20 tons of material required to complete Phase #3 was flown in to two high spots thereby saving about 2000 hours of volunteer labor carrying these materials by hand. Eighteen volunteers came out this day contributing 180 hours to loading and unloading the materials for the helicopter.

A fourth board was added to make the entire plank pathway around the trail 3 feet wide. The plank pathway was also extended to include the route up to the waterfall, and a plank spur route was built at Treebeard which will have railings attached next year.

Non-slip material was attached to about 75% of the plank pathway this year and will be completed next year. Also, two footbridges to replace the existing ones crossing Treebeard Creek are to be built next year. Improvements to convert an earthen staircase to a wooden type and other smaller projects are in the plans for next year, and measures to provide protection of tree roots and lichens at cedars that are especially popular with visitors for photo opportunities.

Summary for Ancient forest Trail Tread Protection Project Phase #3 for 2016:

56 trips; 79 vehicles; 21,555 km travelled; 2087 volunteer hours; $2,131 of fuel for travel.

Income: $10,655.00 from grants, donations and GST refunds

Total Expenditures: $17,748.00

Total In Kind: $12,657.00: McBride Community Forest Corporation – 4 donated deliveries of lumber; Distant Winds Falling; Darren Adams Contracting; Anonymous donor for helicopter time.

Total volunteer labor: $20,870 (2087 @ $10/hour)

Total costs: Volunteer labor + In Kind + Expenditures for 2016: $51,275.00

The Ancient Forest Trail Tread Protection Project has been a three year project, and except for the remaining relatively small items mentioned, the project is finished with a plank pathway 5755 feet long (1755 metres) – this in addition to the 1495 foot (456 metre) Universal Boardwalk covers and protects the entire Ancient Forest Trail Tread for a total distance of 7250 feet (2210 metres).

Summary for duration of Project – 2014-2016

Volunteer labor: 6,227 hours @ $10/hour = $62,270

Total grants, GST refunds and financial donations:

2014 – $37,225.00;

2015 – $30,608.00;

2016 – $10,655.00

Total – $78,488.00


2014 – $28,486.00

2015 – $29,671.00

2016 – $17,748.00

Total: $75,905

In Kind: for donated fuel, shipping of lumber, hazard tree work, helicopter time – $25,990.00

Grand total of costs: In Kind, volunteer labor, and expenditures = $164,165.00

Stats for Ancient Forest Trail Tread Protection Project – 2014, 2015, 2016:

Total trips 177

Total km travelled: 56,350 km

Total vehicles: 245

Total fuel reimbursed: $6,236

Total fuel donated: $700

List of sponsors for the Ancient Forest Trail Tread Protection Project:

Recreation Sites and Trails BC

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation

Prince George Community Foundation

Federation of Mountain Clubs BC

McBride Community Forest Corporation

Mountain Equipment Coop

Piano Studio of Lori Elder

Jim Feragen

Quesnel Sand and Gravel

Telus Community Affairs

Donations by visitors to the Ancient Forest Trail

Donations by Caledonia Ramblers Club members

Donations by other Friends of the Ancient Forest

Picnic Shelter – Concrete Pad Transportation, Highways and Infrastructure together with BC Parks supplied cement, heavy equipment and other materials to enabler the Ramblers to build 26 feet by 34 feet concrete pad to support a log style picnic shelter planned for next year.

Summary: 4 trips; 9 vehicles; 2070 km travelled; 276 volunteer hours; $272 fuel for travel

Parking area expansion and entry and exit improvements

Transportation, Highways and Infrastructure expanded the parking area to accommodate about 100 vehicles and 14 or so recreation vehicles, and added right and left hand turning lanes at the highway entrance.