Hiking Trails

The trails listed here are just a sampling of the many trails located within a couple hours drive of Prince George. To get more details about these and other trails, then pick up a copy of the Trail Guides. It helps supports the maintenance of these trails so that they can be enjoyed by all.


There are always risks involved in venturing into wilderness areas.  The trails described here are intended to provide general overview information only. Trail conditions may change owing to weather and other factors.  Hikers use the information on this website entirely at their own risk and the Caledonia Ramblers disclaim any liability for any injuries or other damage that may be sustained by anyone using any of the trails or routes described on this website. 

There can be no substitute for personal judgment and prudence.

This trail, which is located on Blackwater Road past Baldy Hughes, is one of the historical Indian grease trails leading from the Central Interior to the coast. Alexander Mackenzie followed it in 1793. The heritage trail goes from the Fraser River to the Bella Coola River Valley, a distance of 347 km. The section easily walked is only a short piece of the entire route that provides view of the Blackwater River valley.

There are also old Indian trails that go downstream (eastward) from the Recreation Site by the Blackwater River which also give good views of the Blackwater River and Valley.

Located about 115 km east of PG on H16.  Although only opened in 2006, this easy 2.5 km trail, through an ancient stand of very large and very old red cedar within the Interior Wetbelt Forest, has become a favourite destination for both local and foreign visitors.  It offers a spiritual experience along with numerous interpretive signs.  Besides red cedar up to 5 metres in diameter and perhaps 2000 years old, there is a variety of other vegetation to see plus a beautiful waterfall.  It is suitable for people of all ages.

Located just west of McBride, which is about 201 kms southeast of Prince George via H16. A 14 km gravel road leads to an old Forestry campsite at 1550 m but only the first 7.5 km may be passable to 2 WD. From the campsite follow an old road 2.5 km to alpine meadows at about 1800 m.

From there one can hike or ski to the top of Little Bell Mountain, elevation 1980 m (6500 ft), or Big Bell Mountain, elevation 2160 m (7100 ft) to the west. Excellent views of the Cariboo Mounains to the west and south, the Rockies to the north, and the village of McBride may be had. This is one of the easiest routes to the alpine in the Prince George/McBride areas.

Located about 50 kms southwest of Prince George via highway 16 and the Gregg Creek Forest Road. Ends in the Bobtail Mtn Prov. Park. It is a 6 km long trail with a modest rise, which gives good views of the surrounding countryside. A cabin on the viewpoint at the trail end is available for day use.

The trail head is located just off Highway on the Goat River Forest Road, about 164 kms southeast of Prince George. The first km follows an old logging road then a good trail ascends through open forest to a bowl at about elevation 1770 m (5800 ft) where there once was a small forestry cabin.

From there one can ascend the ridge and reach the summit, elevation 2091 m (6860 ft) but the route is unmarked. Excellent views may be had of the Goat River Valley, the Cariboo Range to the west and south, and the Trench and Rocky Mountains (including Mt. Sir Alexander) to the east and north.

This mountain is 5 kms southeast of Tumuch Lake and about 109 kms southeast of Prince George. Access is via H 16, the Bowron Forest road and the Tumuch Forest Road. The last 4.5 km of road may be rough and brushy. This trail, built in 1980, ascends the southerly ridge to three small lakes where there are many camping opportunities. The summit is 3 kms and 1.5 hrs to the north. This is one of the more attractive alpine areas near Prince George and offers unlimited views. Route from lakes to summit is unmarked and tricky in cloudy conditions.