Universal Boardwalk- Final Report for 2012

Caledonia Ramblers – Universal Boardwalk Report – Nov 3, 2012


2010 – 120 feet of boardwalk completed – 35 volunteers (528 hours) – 8,250 km travelled


2011 – 240 feet of boardwalk completed – 67 volunteers (1698 hours) – 12,676 km travelled

2012 – 1040 feet of boardwalk completed – 54 volunteers (2474 hours) – 21,398 km travelled

Total completed: 1400 feet (finished length will be 1500 feet)

The remaining 100 feet of boardwalk at the extreme east end and a ramp at the entrance will be built next spring; cementing of native rock supports will also be carried out then. The installation of 1800 lumber support blocks and 900 stiffeners for added strength to the bracing of the boardwalk – as recommended by our engineer, will also be done during spring. Hinged benches will be installed at pullouts, and linseed oil will be applied to the boardwalk. All of this work will require about 700 hours of labour.


Other information:

* 42,324 km travelled in total to date

* 135 trips made to date

* 40,000 board feet – 5319 pieces – 55 tons – all carried into the forest by hand

– 4,500 pounds of hardware (29,000 pieces not including washers!)

– 9 tons of gravel, rocks, cinder blocks, cement, linseed oil and paving stones

Total volunteer labour to date: 4,700 hours ($47,000)

Total grants, donations, direct purchases by our provincial partner and In Kind contributions other than labour: $91,090.00

Grand total: $138,090.00

An official opening of the Universal Boardwalk will take place in early summer of 2013.

Thanks to all who have put so much effort, enthusiasm and heart into the Universal Boardwalk and to our sponsors and other supporters in our community and beyond!

To view photos of the work done on the Boardwalk during October, please visit the gallery.