Snowshoe Trails

Some of this information is from Sons of Norway Ski Club Cross-Country Ski Trails guide, published December 2002.

Ancient Forest Interpretive Trail

Located approximately 110 kms East of Prince George, the trail is located in a beautiful ancient Cedar forest.   There are 2 loops that you can follow that are about 2 kms in total distance.  Parts of the trail are hilly such as when you enter the forest and when you visit the Treebeard Waterfall.  There are interpretive signs along the way that enable you to learn more about the ‘snow’ forest ecosystem.

Crooked River Provincial Park

Located 72 km north of Prince George on Highway 97 North.

Well marked trails are suitable for beginners and novices.

Esker’s Provincial Park

It is about a 45 minute drive northwest of Prince George, immediately north of Ness lake. This unique and varied wilderness park is a of recent glacial origin and it comprises of more than 70 lakes and ponds set in rolling second-growth forest. It affords walking, fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing, wildlife viewing and interpretive opportunities.

Grand Canyon of the Fraser

The Winter trailhead is located 70 Kms East of Prince George, the trail starts by following a deactivated logging Road until you reach the river, then you follow the river until you reach the Canyon. It’s about 12 km for a return trip. Please note that you can only access the Canyon this way in the Winter, you cannot access the canyon on this trail from Spring until Fall

Huble Farm

Located 30 kms north of Prince George.

Trails on fields and by river are suitable for beginners and novices.

Moores Meadow

Located between Foothills Blvd and Otway Road. Public access off Foothills Blvd at the parking lot. There are open flat meadows in the centre of the park, for easy skiing/snowshoeing. On the side of the meadow, there a few gently sloping trails. Good for beginners as many of the trails are short.