Trip Reports

melanie8Day 1: Travel to Jasper – A mysterious illness has befallen our trip leader. The final numbers come in before departure – there are 10 Ramblers about to converge on Jasper (Peter, Melanie, Uta, Tim, Nancy, Kim, Chris, Maggie, Barry, Ken ). Today sets the stage for the rest of the trip which is as much about scoping out food as it is burning it off. At 11am four cars head out in a loose convoy to meet in McBride for lunch at the Giggling Grizzly Pub, and then press on to our destination through pouring rain across the Robson Valley. Everyone arrives safely and settles into their respective accommodation. Our trip leader crawls into bed. We are officially on our own. We meet later in the evening for more food and decide on a plan for the next day

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2016-01-24 105533Birchleg Family Ski/Snowshoe Event, Tabor Mountain

A rebellious fraction of nine Ramblers and twelve sympathizers escorted the infant King Henry, from the wilds of the Tabor Mountain burn observation area, to the safety of the Hickory Wing boxcar, via a perilous route traveled by fire-eating mechanical beasts. Upon our arrival, we were graciously given warm food and drink, and the warmth of fire, by our Birchleg cousins. Unlike our poor Birchleg cousins, we wore “fly grade aluminum sko” upon our feet. Two of our snesko sisters, Tong and Pacé, came from opposite sides of the globe to support our cause.

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photoThe fluctuating wet and cool conditions earlier in the week did not impact the outing for 4 Ramblers around Ginter’s Field. For about 2.5 hours, we snowshoed a great route that avoided the icy patches that plagued earlier reconnaissance trips (thanks Nowell!).

Starting out near the end of Ferry Avenue off Christensen Street, we followed gentle slopes that took us by the logged areas near UNBC. Early on, Marine treated us to some chocolate to keep our energy up! Nowell also gave us a demonstration of firing bear spray which should come in handy in the Spring.

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backside bushwack snowshoe trip 013Backside Trail Bushwhack

Although the full moon didn’t shine on us until later in the evening, we ( 5 Ramblers) were able to find our way through the off-trail sections of our snowshoe trip with the help of headlamps and the tracks left by the reconnaissance crew two days earlier.

We began by leaving vehicles at the Greenway Trail parking area behind the University of Northern British Columbia, and driving to the Blue Spruce trail entrance gate on Bear Road where we began to snowshoe. From here we headed east crossing the large cut block which becomes more attractive each year with the sprouting new forest. On a clear night this area provides a great view of the moon rising and arcing above us – but not this night.

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Willow River Interpretive Site to Wildlife Look-Out Snowshoe Trip

January 17th, 2016.

Location: About a thirty minute drive east of Prince George on the north-side of Highway 16

Nine ramblers and two guests had a mild wintry day navigating through a mix of tightly grown small-treed forest, unclassified roads, new forests, mixed forests and sections of trail to reach the Wildlife Look-Out area from the Willow River Interpretive Site. As the crow flies the distance is about 3 km between the two locations, but due to the enthusiasm of some of the group for bushwhacking and meandering here and there – the route taken took five-and-a half hours plus breaks, and covered a distance of 7.5 km!

Special thanks to Darren for hacking a path through the deep brushy areas, and to Kim for locating the correct unclassified road toward the end when the leader was unable to see the map on his GPS due to fogged up glasses!

Three people had signed up for this trip; Melanie, Kristie and Tim. We left Prince George at 5 pm Friday and drove to McBride where we stopped at the Giggling Grizzly to have dinner. After sharing a Rutting Elk Pizza and some garlic bread we drove on to our reserved campsite at Tete Jaune Cache Lodge.

campThis is a wonderful campsite if you have never been there before and is highly recommended. The facilities are wonderful and the owner (a grandmother) is quite the character with plenty of personality to spare. With drinking water, hot showers, and flush toilets, we couldn’t have been happier with our accommodations.

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