Trip Reports

The Prince George Naturalists Club’s North-Side Viewing Platform Project at the Hudson Bay Wetland was completed this week with volunteer help from the Naturalists, Caledonia Ramblers, and the Prince George Singles Activity Group.




IMG_6730_edited-1Slim Creek Provincial Park Snowshoe Trip Report for March 15, 2015

Six people left Prince George at 7 a.m. for Slim Creek Provincial Park, 120 kilometres east of Prince George. We took an entirely new route for the first two thirds of the day, which allowed us to visit most of the park on one trip for the first time, including both the northwest and northeast corners. This route offers a wide variety of landscapes instead of just out and back through the trees as we have done before, with a surprising amount of sun and great views for a park that is mostly forested and that was established mainly to protect its ecological values rather than for recreation.

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Grand Canyon of the Fraser

Perhaps because it was warm and rain was threatening, only 6 hardy souls
showed up the trip to the Grand Canyon on the Fraser.   In reality it
was not a bad day and we got nothing more than a few scattered drops of
rain.   And the snowshoeing was OK.   The warm weather had settled the
snow and we made good time down to Kenneth Creek.  Along the way lots of
moose and snowshoe hare tracks and some tracks of wolves, lynx, marten,
squirrels, grouse and other creatures.   But Kenneth Creek was
open…what were we to do?

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Treeline Cabin 003RAMBLERS TREK TO TREELINE, 01 18 15

The Caledonia Ramblers have found a new route to Tabor Mountain’s Treeline cabin. Tim G. led 10 other club members on an official Ramblers’ snowshoe up the new route to the log cabin on Jan. 18. With the new route’s discovery, the cabin may become both a little less remote and possibly once again viewed as a destination by snowshoers, cross-country skiers and hikers alike.

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IMG_7134Shelley Area Loop

10 intrepid snowshoers braved the -16 temperatures to trek from the Thornhill’s to the Shelley Oxbow lake, a distance of 8.3 km, taking about 3h. The trail led from the Thornhill’s back yard and  along the ridge southerly above Shelley. Dave King identified a number of animal tracks along the way including Lynx, Fisher and Deer and an abundance of rabbit tracks – the remains of one unlucky rabbit were found adjacent to the trail, apparently a luncheon for two Lynxes.  The route along the Shelley ridge included a number of view  points to the West including Shelley, the Fraser River, Prince George, distant farms and the destination Oxbow Lake. 

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