Ancient Forest Trail Tread Protection Project Progress Report November 10, 2014

Ancient Forest Trail Tread Protection Project Progress Report November 10, 2014

Over 2,875 feet (876 m) of plank pathway was built this year which included the entire Big Tree Loop, and about 440 feet (134 m) on the east side of the Ancient Forest Loop, leaving about 1880 feet (573 m) to complete the project next year.

The plan was to make the plank pathway 18 inches wide using two boards, but it soon became apparent that this was not wide enough as visitors began to use it. Installing a third board was an improvement, but adding a fourth board to make the pathway 36 inches wide was better. This allows visitors to pass one another without needing to step off the plank pathway, and to also comfortably look around at the forest while walking along the pathway.

Some sections of the pathway are already 36 inches wide and the goal next year will be to make the entire pathway this width.

Volunteers made 55 trips this year and contributed 2,040 hours of labor.

79 vehicles were used and 18,000 kilometres travelled

$700.00 of fuel for travel was donated

$2000.00 of shipping six deliveries of lumber by McBride Community Forest Corporation was donated

$1,980.00 of fuel costs were reimbursed

Grants and cash donations to the project totalled over $39,000.00 this year.

Thanks to the following that have provided this funding and In Kind contributions:

Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC

Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation

Jim Feragen

Mountain Equipment Coop

Recreation Sites and Trails BC

Quesnel Sand and Gravel

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Telus Community Affairs

Caledonia Ramblers Hiking Club members and other individual supporters

Thanks to Yellowhead Road and Bridge for donating and transporting gravel; McBride Community Forest Corporation for continuing to donate the costs of transporting lumber to the Ancient Forest Site, and visitors to the Ancient Forest Trail for the donations that they make.