Wednesday April 12, 2017

Get ready for another fun year of hikes!  The 2017 hiking schedule has been completed.  You can download a current copy at:

You can also view the schedule at

Please note that the trips can change at anytime and those changes will be posted on the website schedule and on the main page.

Monday March 06, 2017

Slim Creek Snowshoe Trip Pictures

Here is a short collage of photographs by Judy Lett from last week’s Slim Creek Provincial Park Snowshoe Trip:

Saturday March 04, 2017

Club president, Nowell Senior, spotted this Lynx out at the Ancient Forest this past Wednesday!  #socool #wildlife #cityopg


Wednesday February 22, 2017

Thank you to all those who contributed photos from this past Sunday’s trip out to Livingston Springs.  Here’s a little collage that I made up from some of the photos.  Click on it to enlarge.


Wednesday February 15, 2017

Thank you to all those who joined us on our second Winter trip to Jasper.  We had a lot of fun exploring the area on our snowshoes, and enjoying fine food and company in the evenings.  Here’s a tiny taste of our trip:

(Photos by Kim K., Mark N., and Brendon M.)

As usual, click on the photo to enlarge it for a better viewing.

Tuesday February 07, 2017

Hot off the presses, here is a video of Sunday’s spectacular snowshoe trip that Dave King led to the Grand Canyon