Monday June 05, 2017

This is one GREAT reason why our Trail Guides are so awesome.  Part of the proceeds from sales goes towards trail maintenance.  Here’s a few photos from the two work hikes that we had this weekend.  We worked on the Tacheeda Trail and on the Fort George Canyon trail.


Wednesday May 03, 2017

Family Hiking Schedule (Updated!)

The Caledonia Ramblers will be offering 12 special Family Hikes on Saturdays this hiking season, running from May through to October. The club has decided to take this action in order to encourage more local families to discover the joys of hiking in the immediate Prince George area (sometimes only a kilometre or two from residents’ back doors). The Ramblers’ club president has kindly volunteered to lead all these hikes, which will be promoted on the Ramblers’ website (http://caledoniaramblers.ca/), Facebook page and in the Prince George Citizen. These hikes are open to both members and non-members and will also be promoted in the Ramblers’ internal newsletter. The next Family Hike will be to Lost Lake, near Beaverly, on Saturday, May 27th,

The schedule has been updated to include a new hike on June 3.

For more information about these hikes, please call Nowell at 250-562-7485, or reach him through the Caledonia Ramblers’ e-mail address,  caledoniaramblers@yahoo.ca.

Wednesday May 03, 2017

Possible Saturday Hikes


The Caledonia Ramblers are seeking leaders for five potential Saturday hikes this hiking season, to complement the club’s weekly Sunday hikes. The Ramblers’ board decided to take this action at its last meeting in order to offer club members and non-members a more diversified opportunity to go hiking. The first regular Saturday hike will be led by Dave to Blackwater (East) on May 20th (see above). Five more hikes are tentatively planned for the third Saturdays of each month, on June 17th, July 15th, Aug. 19th, Sept. 16th and Oct. 21st. Club members interested in perhaps leading one of these hikes (or more) are asked to contact Tim, the Ramblers’ hiking schedule co-ordinator, at 250-301-8247. Members who volunteer to lead a hike have the added opportunity of choosing the specific hike they’d like to lead.

Wednesday May 03, 2017

Possible Hike With Dogs

The Caledonia Ramblers are also seeking a leader for a potential hike that includes dogs sometime during this hiking season. The club’s board made this decision at its last meeting in response to members and non-members who have asked to have such hikes in the past and to possibly broaden the club’s hiking appeal. Although the club used to allow dogs on club hikes, it currently does not do so now. If a suitable leader is found, this hike with dogs will be open to club members and non-members alike, although the leader should be a club member. All dogs will need to be leashed and the hike will be open to hikers without dogs too. Any club member interested in leading such a hike is asked to contact Tim, the Ramblers’ hiking schedule co-ordinator, at 250-301-8247. Again, a member who volunteers to lead such a hike can choose the specific hike they’d like to lead.

Wednesday April 12, 2017

It was a fun weekend in Wells.  And the weather couldn’t have been better.  Here’s a collage featuring photos of the trip, taken by Penny.


Wednesday April 12, 2017

Get ready for another fun year of hikes!  The 2017 hiking schedule has been completed.  You can download a current copy at:


You can also view the schedule at http://caledoniaramblers.ca/?page_id=7

Please note that the trips can change at anytime and those changes will be posted on the website schedule and on the main page.