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Ramblers are always looking for volunteers to help with Club activities. If you are interested in getting involved, here are some activities you can consider:

Leading Hikes

Leading a hike involves meeting the group at Prince George City Hall on Sunday morning, ensuring that everyone has signed in, waiver forms are filled out (for new members or visitors) and that everyone has a ride and the drivers know how to get to the trail head.

During the hike the leader actually takes up the tail end of the hiking group to make sure that no one is lost or gets left behind. They also carry the first aid kit!

At the end of the hike the trip leader makes sure everyone in the group has returned safely and fills out a trip report.


The Ramblers use a car-pooling system to travel to the trails each weekend. It is a great way to meet new people and to socialize. If you don’t mind driving occasionally, and have a vehicle that can be driven on gravel roads and hold as much hiking gear as there are people, then your help is much appreciated! Each person you carry will contribute to the cost of fuel etc. based on the pre-assigned amount for each hike (this varies depending on the distance from town to the trail head). The car-pooling fees are listed with the hike schedule.

Club Executive

There are currently 13 positions on the Club executive and each person plays an important role. These positions are voted in each year at the Annual General Meeting in November. There is currently a vacancy for the Social Co-ordinator, and if you are interested in filling this position, email us.

Trail and Cabin Maintenance

Ramblers love trail work! There is always an alpine cabin to maintain, a creek crossing to replace or some brush to clear. Maintenance and upgrade projects typically happen on Saturdays periodically during the summer. If you would like to become involved with this type of work, email us.