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Overnight Trips

The Ramblers periodically have overnight trips throughout the summer that involve hiking to a remote cabin or tenting under the stars. For the more adventurous, a week long trip is usually scheduled during the month of August. These trips occur in some of the most beautiful and remote wilderness in BC. This is a great way to explore areas that very few people have been to.

Camping Checklist

Tent. The size of tent you need will depend upon the number of people you anticipate to sleep in it. The tent should be as light as possible (preferably under 6 lbs.), sturdy, have a bathtub floor that reaches high enough to protect against flooding and made of UV resistant fabric.

Sleeping Bag. Your sleeping bag should be as light weight as possible but insulated enough for the type of conditions you will be encountering. Camping in the winter will require a more insulated sleeping bag then a summer bag would require.

Sleeping Pad. This is essential if you want a good night’s sleep. A sleeping pad will cushion you from the hard ground and reflect your body heat back to you to keep you warm.

Cooking & Eating Utensils. Camping cookware is relatively light weight and makes food preparation much easier. All you need is a plate, a cup, a bowl, knife, fork, spoon, cutting board, and a pot or two. Bring some spices to enhance the flavour of your meals if so inclined.

Stove & Fuel. A hot meal will lift anyone’s spirits on a cold day. An isobutane fuel canister with a screw-on pot holder is all you need to have a great meal or a hot cup of tea.

Water Treatment. It’s difficult to carry enough water for a multi-day trip, and bacteria in some wilderness streams can make some people debilitatingly ill. Water treatment products like filtering pumps and iodine pills allow you to safely use streams and rivers as your source of water.

Toiletries. Buy biodegradable and earth friendly toiletries and only what you need (toothbrush, soap, etc). Cosmetics and hair products can stay at home, as the perfumes attract mosquitoes. Don’t forget the most important item – toilet paper.

Garbage Bags. All the garbage you produce must be taken out with you. For this purpose Ziploc plastic bags make excellent garbage bags. They seal both the garbage and odours which could attract bears.