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Are you new to hiking, or haven’t done it in a while? We can help you with that!

Hiking equipment is usually divided into day hikes and multi-day hikes (also referred to as trekking). The equipment selected varies according to the duration, distance and the environment you will be in. You also need to be prepared for unplanned events such as sustaining an injury or getting lost.

When selecting what type of hiking equipment to bring, consider the following:

  • The length and remoteness of trip
  • How much weight you can optimally carry
  • Any special medical considerations
  • Weather: temperature range (day/night), sun/shade, rain, snow, ice
  • Terrain: trail conditions, cliffs, sand, swamp, river crossings
  • Shelter and clothes
  • Water plan
  • Food
  • Protection from animals: insect repellent, bear mace, etc.
  • Any equipment required for special activities

Remember that everything you plan to bring needs to fit in your pack. With that in mind, we have provided suggestions for: