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Hike Details

Boulder Mountain

April 13, 2024 - Departure TBA

Destination: Boulder Mountain

The Caledonia Ramblers will be leading a strenuous snowshoe/hike up Boulder Mountain, 164 km southeast of Prince George. It's a lot of work to get to the top, but great views make it all worthwhile. We ask that you have hiked at least one moderate or moderate-strenuous hike with the club before going on this one. Participants must have avalanche gear and AST1 training to go on this trip. Participants should consider bringing both ice cleats (ice grippers) and snowshoes for this trip, depending on weather and snow conditions. They should also bring hiking boots, a day backpack, sufficient water or perhaps something hot to drink, adequate food or snacks, extra warm clothing and gaiters. Hiking poles may also prove useful. Participants must preregister for this trip by contacting the trip leader.

The carpool fee is $30

For more information contact Michael at: 780-933-0348