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Club Executive

The executive of the Ramblers is responsible for managing the business of the club and the planning of club activities including hikes, meetings, slide shows and social events. The Ramblers current executive consists of the following positions and members.

Nowell Senior
Oversees all club operations
Tim Gardner
Assists the President
Travis Stringer
Maintains club financial records
Melanie Karjala
Records minutes of executive meetings and Annual General Meeting
Mark Nielsen
Advertise club hikes and meetings in local newspapers via postings to newspaper websites
Hiking Schedule:
Tim Gardner
Development of a hiking schedule for the season, including responsibility for ensuring the safety kit is appropriately stocked
Judy Lett
Maintains club membership list
Trail Maintenance:
Dave King
Organize club trail maintenance and development work
Trail Guides:
Judith Robertson
Arranging for printing and distribution of the Club’s Trail Guide to bookstores and keeping records of sales
Social Media:
arolyn Ibis
Manages social media postings and the weekly Ramblings Newsletter
Peter Hvezda
General management and maintenance of the Ramblers website

If you wish to contact any of the executive, then please email your comments or questions to us.

You can download the Club's Constitution and Bylaws to review the Club's values and how it conducts itself.