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Thank You Note to the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC

The Caledonia Ramblers would like to thank the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC's Grant Committee for awarding the Ramblers $440.00 through the FMCBC's Member Club Grant program. The Ramblers applied for a grant through the program this year to help the club subsidize the cost of a potential Avalanche Skills Training (AST1) course for eight of its members, which it plans to organize sometime this winter. The Ramblers' representative to the FMCBC, Dave King, picked up the club's cheque at the FMCBC's annual general meeting June 9th in Victoria.

The Ramblers approached Craig Evanoff and Bonnie Hooge of Dezaiko Lodge, northeast of Prince George, to set up an AST1 course for eight Ramblers on relatively short notice this past winter. Craig and Bonnie have offered AST1 courses in our area for several years and if the club is successful in drumming up enough interest in such a course, Craig and Bonnie would likely be the people the club would approach again. This past January, the couple offered to organize a two-day AST1 course for the Ramblers at a cost of $240.00 per person, plus GST, if the club paid a one-day classroom rental fee. If the club approaches them again and they agree to once again offer us such a course this winter at the same price, the cost per club member would be $185.00, plus GST, thanks to our FMCBC member club grant.

The Ramblers have been increasing their alpine snowshoe trips over the past few years and would like to continue offering them in its winter schedule for years to come. The club believes that by offering members, particularly interested potential snowshoe leaders, a chance to take a professional AST1 course at a subsidized price, the club's already enviable winter alpine safety record will be even more significantly enhanced. The club will provide more information about its planned AST1 course later this summer or early this fall.