Backside Trail


The Backside Trail is one of several informal trails streaming from the Greenway Trail in Prince George, BC. This trail takes about 2 hours of hiking plus breaks, covering about 9 km over relatively level terrain.

There are many junctions along the way some of which have “You are here” maps and/or a sign or signs naming other trails branching off at that point. However, the following description is the most reliable at this time to be guided by.

Start off on the Green Trail passing Bear, Old and Swampy trails before reaching the first major junction beside which is a First Nation replica of a traditional pit house (10 minutes to this junction). Take the trail to the left to the Blue Spruce junction (5 mins), and left again onto the Blue Spruce Trail heading for the Sawmill Trail, passing one entrance to the Climbing Wall Trail (25 mins) before reaching Sawmill Trail (5 mins).

After about 20 minutes on the Sawmill Trail and passing the second Climbing Wall entrance and Carters Cut Trail and after immediately crossing a small footbridge there is an old steam engine on the right side of the trail with the entrance to the Backside Trail opposite. Taking the Backside Trail there are no junctions until reaching the Survey Line Junction (40 mins) which is a barely visible trail on the left and passed on the way to the next junction (5 mins) which is a three way where the trail to the right is taken. Another 3 minutes or so further there is another three way junction where a turn to the right goes onto Tyner Finder where after about 5 more minutes there is another junction where left is the trail to take, and a further 2 minutes or so to a junction called “Sundown” that requires taking the trail to the right. Finally, at the next junction (2 mins) take left and with another fork almost immediately keep left after which the Cranbrook Hill Greenway parking area will appear.

Trail Info
9 km
2 hours
Elevation Gain:
Gentle slopes
Trail Type:
Trail Conditions

Trail is well maintained.


The trailhead for the Backside can be reached by driving up the University Way hill, past the university’s entrance with a sign indicating Cranbrook Hill Greenway parking lot next on the right and then turning first left to the parking lot.