Birchleg Trail


The Birchleg Trail offers cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and hiking, and is located on the north-side of Tabor Mountain with the trail head 24 km east of Prince George on Highway 16 as measured from the east-end of the Yellowhead Bridge as it continues off 1st Ave over the Fraser River. A skiing/hiking sign indicates that the parking area is about 300 metres ahead.

A rail car is located at this parking area and a kiosk with a map of the trails accessed from this point. To the left of this map sign is a gate beyond which another sign shows that the Birchleg Trail is to the left. Almost immediately there is a fork where to the right and about 100 metres is the Hickory Wing Shelter and Tabor Sawmill History Shed.

From this shed take the trail to the left (east) for another 100 metres to the first major junction map sign where keeping to the right enters upon the Birchleg Trail.

There are several options made clear by maps at the junctions along the way, but this description will choose the smallest loop option beginning with taking the next fork to the right at the Birchleg/Sawdust shelter. At the next fork taking right again will lead to Ilse’s Inn Shelter where keeping to the right will lead to the next junction where another right turn (north) goes onto the Hickory Wing Trail. Another and final turn to the right (east) at the next junction leads back to the parking area.

Trail Info
10 km
4 hours
Trail Type:

Travel east on Highway 16 for approximately 24 km (past Tabor Ski Hill and over the hill). On the right sided of the road you will see a dirt road that leads to a clearing with a rail car. This is the parking lot for the trail.