Canty Lake


 Canty Lake is nestled between two peaks, Peace Peak to the north and another peak to the south. The trail is well marked but is steep. It is a 2.9 km hike to Canty Lake where there is a small recreation site. If you are feeling adventurous, you can go another 2.5 km to reach the summit of Peace Peak.

Trail Info
2.9 km
2 hours
Trail Type:
There and Back

From Prince George, travel north of Highway 97 N for approximately 154 km till you reach the turn off for Highway 39 N. Follow Hwy 39 N through Mackenzie, and about 9km past Mackenzie, you will hit a 4 way junction. Proceed through the junction onto Parsnip West FSR. At roughly 38 km past the junction the road takes a sharp right turn, stay right and do not drive straight. Travel for another 49 km till you reach a turn off on the right. Turn right onto this road and continue for 1.8 km till you reach the parking area.