Cranbrook Hill


West of the ‘bowl’ on Cranbrook Hill is a number of old roads and trails suitable for easy strolls or family outings. As Forests for the World contains many well laid-out trails and viewing platforms, we suggest starting your exploring here. Shane Lake is a pretty spot and a desirable location for a picnic or a rest stop. You can start from Forests of the World which is up Cranbook Hill road and then to the end of Kueng Road.

The second starting point is from the UNBC Greenway Trailhead, just behind UNBC. One can also start at the bottom of Cranbrook Hill, at the end of Hopkins Road, Ferry Avenue, or Pinewood Avenue where there is room to park. there is also a connection to the Greenway Trail.

Trail Info
1 km up to 17.6 km for the Greenway to Otway trail
Variable, 1 to 8 hours depending on destination
Elevation Gain:
100 m
Trail Type:
Point to Point and There and Back
Trail Conditions

Good condition