Fang Mountain


Trail is located in the McGregor Mountains, near Pass Lake in George Evanoff Prov. Park. It is Northeast of Prince George via the Giscome-Upper Fraser Highway and the Pass Lake Forest Road. The trail follows a stream up a steep valley, passes through a notch between cliffs and enters a large beautiful sub-alpine basin. It continue on to the lakes, after which unmarked routes ascend the rim, reaching the summit of Fang Mtn. At 1950m.

Trail Info
11.6 km to lakes (15 km to summit)
6 to 8 hours
Elevation Gain:
900 m (1095 m to summit)
Trail Type:
There and Back
Trail Conditions

Good but steep with 2 especially slippery sections. Two stream crossings may be difficult in higher flows.


From Prince George travel east on Hwy 16 East for 18.5 km till you reach Upper Fraser Rd. Turn left onto Upper Fraser Rd and drive 60 km to McGregor Rd. Turn left onto McGregor Rd/Upper Fraser Rd and continue for 1.5 km.  Turn left onto Upper Fraser Rd and cross the bridge. On the far side of the bridge, turn right onto Church Forest Service Rd (500 m beyond bridge). Church Forest Service Rd turns slightly left and becomes Longworth Rd. Travel along this road till you reach  Pass Lake Forest Service Rd and turn left. At approximately 30 km there will be a fork in the road. Keep to the right and go onto Torpy Forest Service Rd. At about 4.7 km, you will reach another fork in the road, keep left and get onto Upper Torpy Forest Service Rd. Travel about 290 m down this road till you see a road on the right hand side. Take this road. Travel another 1.4 km till you reach the trailhead. The road makes a sharp right, if you reach this point, then you have past the trailhead.