Livingston Springs


Located immediately south of the community of Bear Lake in Crooked River Provincial Park, approximately 75 km north of Prince George.

In summer, hikers can access Livingston Springs by parking in the park’s main parking lot and then walking northwest to reach the Livingston Springs trailhead. In winter, the park gate is closed at Hwy 97 and snowshoers or skiers must park at the park entrance immediately west of the highway and then travel an extra 0.5 km west past the parking lot and gatehouse before heading northwest to the trailhead.

An approximately 1.5-km walk leads you from the park gate west, northwest to the Livingston Springs trailhead. The trail then leads largely west for 3.5 km to the springs, through a mostly flat lodgepole pine forest. A short, moderately steep hill leads down to the warm-water springs, which stay at approximately five to seven degrees Celsius year-round and are known to attract trumpeter swans in winter.

Trail Info
7-10 km
4-6 hours
Elevation Gain:
35 m
Trail Type:
There and Back
Trail Conditions

Crooked River Provincial Park was particularly hard hit by the mountain pine beetle epidemic in the early 21st century and recently the Livingston Springs trail has had significant blowdown along it. However BC Parks is responsible for keeping the trail clear and traditionally has done a good job. The trail is in need of some clearing.


Travel for approximately 75 km on Highway 97 North till you reach Crooked River Provincial Park.