McBride Peak


A steep, rough, dirt road switchbacks up the south side of the mountain and may only be driven in it’s entirety in the summer (depending on conditions). 4WD is recommended. This road provides access to the alpine meadows, at 2000m (6500ft) where there is a choice of short walks, longer hikes or climbs. Wonderful views of the Rocky Mt. Trench, Robson Valley and the village of McBride are possible. McBride Peak is immediately to the northeast of the parking area at the top of the 10.6 km road. There is also a clearing half-way up (1300m/4200ft) where it is possible to park and turn around, when conditions are limiting. The Halfway site offers picnic tables, fire rings and a pit toilet.

Possible destinations once you reach the top:

  1. McBride Peak, 2.1km immediately to the NE
  2. The ridge 10 km NW
  3. The ridge behind McBride Peak, includes 2490m (8169ft) peak and Teare Mt. 4.2km
  4. Another ridge to the SE
  5. There is a good campsite in the saddle 2km SE of the forestry lookout on the way to Teare Mt.
Trail Info
4 km
4 hours
Elevation Gain:
450 m
Trail Type:
There and Back
Trail Conditions

Trails are above treeline and vegetation is very fragile and easily damaged. Stick to established paths. Caution in fog, as direction finding may be difficult. On ridgelines, avoid travel on or below cornices (overhanging layers & crests of snow built up by wind), as there is danger of collapse and significant injury. Cornices form in this area on the north, NW and NE sides of the ridges.


Travel East on Highway 16 till you cross the bridge that crosses the Fraser River on the east side of McBride. Take the second left onto Mountain View Road. Travel this road for about .6 km till you get Rainbow Road and turn right. Follow this road for about 200 m and take the left fork. This road makes numerous switchbacks in ascent. It is 5.5 km to the Halfway point where there is a nice view overlooking McBride. It is another 5.5km (total 10.6km) to reach the top. This is a single lane road so be careful with oncoming vehicles.