Mount Agnes/Groundhog Lake


This trail is located near Barkerville, about 90 kms east of Quesnel. via H 97 and H 26. The trail is basically an old mining road that is followed south from Barkerville, elevation 1370 m (4500 ft); to Groundhog Lake, elevation 1783 m (5850 ft). It is 8.5 km to the lake making the round trip 17 km.

A cabin at the lake sleeps more than a dozen people although it may be a mess. From the lake there is easy access to Mount Agnes, elevation 1983 m (6506 ft), Elk Mountain, and Bald Mountain.

Trail Info
8.5 kms to Groundhog Lake
5-6 hour
Elevation Gain:
490 m
Trail Type:
There and Back
Trail Conditions