Mount Murray (Pine Pass)


The trail ascends the highway embankment on the northeast side and enters the forest. After 100m, the trail crosses the BCR tracks and then switchbacks up a very steep slope for 300m (1000 ft), thereafter ascending steadily through timber, eventually passing by a good lookout point after 2km. The open alpine terrain is reached at 1500m (5000ft) elevation. From the end of the cleared trail, there are 3 options:

  1. Continue up the ridge to the 1st summit at 1722m (5650 ft) which provides stunning views.

  2. Contour east about 1.4km to a col and down to the larger of the lakes, where there is a good campsite. The route is partially marked with ribbons & cairns. There are a number of attractive lakes and flowers can be very pretty.

  3. Contour east to the same col and ascend to the summit of Mt. Murray at 1825m (5988ft). Excellent views of Murray Range to the SE and Mt Solitude to the NE.

Mount Murray offers spectacular views of the Pine Pass and well worth the effort climbing up the steep trail.

Trail Info
12 km
6 to 8 hours
Elevation Gain:
1040 m
Trail Type:
There and Back
Trail Conditions

Good in dry weather. Can be very slippery in wet weather. Direction finding above treeline can be very challenging if heavy mist or low clouds.


Travel North on Highway 97 for approximately 207 km (this where you will find the trail head). If you go past the trail head approximately 300 m you should see a dirt road as the highway angles left. This is a good spot to park your vehicle and walk back to the trail.