Quesnel River


The hike begins on the north side of Woodridge Road, approximately 500 metres west of the Racing Road/Woodridge Road intersection and south of the Quesnel River, in east/central Quesnel. Quesnel is 125 km south of Prince George.

Hikers can park their vehicles at a gas line clearing on the north side of Woodridge Road where the hike begins at an elevation of 627 metres (2,056 feet). The route descends north through the clearing to just above the Quesnel River (507 metres or 1,663 feet), where it swings east along an old road, following the river. The road ends at the river.

From there, a trail leads up a steep 30-metre embankment to a gravel pit. At the end of the gravel pit, the route again follows an old road that climbs close to the trip’s original starting elevation. A cycling trail along the top of this rise will lead hikers west and south back to the start of the hike.

The trip provides good views of the Quesnel River and farms on its north side as the river flows west through east Quesnel before dipping south to join the Fraser River only a km or so away. Hikers can also see a gas pipeline suspended across the river during the hike.

Trail Info
6 km
3 hrs
Elevation Gain:
120 m
Trail Type:
Trail Conditions

The trail can be muddy in some places at certain times of the year, but is otherwise in good shape.


Travel south on Highway 97 till you reach Racing Road. Turn left onto Racing Road and continue till you reach Woodridge Road. Turn left and park your vehicle at the gas line clearing on the north side of Woodridge Road.