Viking Ridge


The trail is located about 85 kms southeast of Prince George, by Highway 16 in Sugarbowl-Grizzly Den Prov. Park. The trail, located and cleared in 1981, goes up the northwest slope of Viking Ridge to Caribou meadows at 1456 m, a small lake at 1642 m, and the summit at 1886 m. Open ridges lead beyond the summit giving excellent views of the Rocky Mountain Trench and mountains in all directions. The trail is slightly easier then the Sugarbowl Trail. This area and Sugarbowl are good areas to see caribou and other wildlife, but meadows with abundant flowers are scarce. A rough trail connects to the Sugarbowl trail.

Trail Info
14 km
8 - 10 hours
Elevation Gain:
855 to lake, 1110 to ridge
Trail Type:
There and Back
Trail Conditions

Good to Caribou Meadows, fair thereafter.